Biosurfactants as promising multifunctional agent: A mini review

Sweeta Akbari, Abdurahman Hamid Nour, Rosli Mohd Yunus, Abdulrahman Hasan Farhan


Biosurfactants are derived from plants and microorganisms such as fungi, yeast, and bacteria. Biosurfactants are also
called natural surfactants which are amphiphilic biological compounds comprised of both hydrophilic and
hydrophobic moieties. The environmental concerns about the effect of toxic and conventional surfactants have
increased the demand for renewable and biodegradable surfactants with low toxicity and other useful effects.
Therefore, the application of biosurfactants has gained much attention in different industries mainly in petroleum,
food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. This review summarizes the utilization of biosurfactants as emulsifying,
wetting, foaming and antimicrobial agents in various industrial processes along with their promising availability and
ensuring environmental quality.


Sweeta Akbari
Abdurahman Hamid Nour
Rosli Mohd Yunus
Abdulrahman Hasan Farhan
Akbari, S. ., Nour, A. H. ., Yunus, R. M. ., & Farhan, A. H. . (2018). Biosurfactants as promising multifunctional agent: A mini review. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 1(1), 1–5.

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