A brief look at the flow of mystical thoughts in Turkish literature and mention of the famous Sufis of this literature

Sima Farda


To date, the contribution of the Turkish Sufis in the expansion of civilization, wisdom and Sufism are so great and effective in the Islamic world. In this area, many leaders in the golden banners of history have come up with a suitable place for themselves. It should be noted that the evaluation and study of the concepts such as Sufi and Sufism is one of the topics where all their profound and profound learning is essential for any literary worker, and they must investigate it, as it is one of their fundamental duties. The prominent poets of the Uzbek literature such as Khawajah Ahmad Yusawi, Baba Rahim Moshreb, Ibrahim Adham, Yusuf Amdani and others, have left valuable, influential and attractive works in the history of literature of this language, they also uncovered the imperfections of feudalism, the actions of religious hypocrites and unpleasant characteristics of vile leaders. They had a graceful role in deepening of world literature from the viewpoint of language formation and enriching. They have also played a significant role in the use of literary language, instead of colloquial language beside in the improvement of expression technique in this literature. Besides, they had a graceful role in expansion of Uzbek classical literature. The purpose of this article is to motivate learners of Uzbek language and literature in relation with the identification of mystical literature and poets, as well as their role in developing their thoughts and ideas in the right direction. The significance of this paper is to strengthen the worldly and eternal thoughts of peoples and the development of love, affection, intimacy, brotherhood and humanity that lies within their nature and character.


Sima Farda
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Farda, S. . (2019). A brief look at the flow of mystical thoughts in Turkish literature and mention of the famous Sufis of this literature. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 2(2), 13–17. https://doi.org/10.53894/ijirss.v2i2.15

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