The opportunities and challenges of Afghanistan education in the age of globalization

Mohammad Basir Moqemi


Afghanistan which is known as the heart of Asia and strategic hub, has been burning in political parties and world super powers vicarious fight. Simultaneously, with the conflicts it would like to keep abreast with the world development. In consideration of speed of technology and improvements of world, globalization of education is one of the controversial issues. Education plays a key and an important role in taking decisions, social, economic and cultural activities in human society. For this reason, it minimum decreases human separations and makes countries’ profits closer to each other. Human thoughts and knowledge simply break the limitations and pave the ground for human interactions. Information of this review has taken from national and international libraries, magazines and articles. This study has considered as a limit of library and has used thoughts and ideas of scientists and theorists about globalization. Result of study shows that how globalization affects on country’s education that has faced problems and opportunities in their education. By consideration of effective and active plan we can reach out the problems. We can change weak points to strong points simultaneously with world. Despite of all accompanying countries cooperation and attention for developing education system and rehabilitation of Afghanistan, still there are lots of challenges for standardizing education system. By presenting objective suggestions and struggling to build standardized education system, we can achieve our goals.


Mohammad Basir Moqemi (Primary Contact)
Moqemi, M. B. (2019). The opportunities and challenges of Afghanistan education in the age of globalization. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 2(3), 23–27.

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