Study on approaches of revitalization, optimization and usability of green spaces of Kabul province from the perspective of users

Ewaz Ali Hussaini, Dawlat Shah Poyesh, M. Eshaq Rasikh, Hussain Zarie


The current study examined the status of major parks and green spaces of in Kabul from the user’s perspective between 2017-2018. The green areas under study included Tapeh Paghman Park, Qaraghah Promenade, Hesse Avale Khairkhana Park, Babur Garden and Dehbouri Park. This research was an analytical one in which, after reviewing the theoretical foundations and related libraries, questionnaires were designed and distributed to the visitors of the park to disseminate the desired data and then the results were statistically analyzed. SPSS software was used to analyze gathered data. The data collected on current status of these areas comparison of that data with similar countries and analyzation of those information resulted in principle approaches in relations to optimization, expansion and better usability of these green spaces. and According to the results, there was not a significant positive correlation between age of the visitors and green space areas, so that users feel more secure with higher age. Based on the results, on average, the green spaces users were satisfied with respect to plants, the compositions of the color and greenspace therapy. The users also believed that these green spaces have positive effects on natural beauty and beautification of Kabul city, and they believed that water springs and water pond in the parks and green spaces also a factor of adding beautiful views on these green spaces. Moreover, the users suggested that the architectural style, plant diversification and presence of water in these spaces are the historical characteristics that should be preserved. Another characteristic which is responsible for preserving the historical and natural values of these green spaces are the preservation of prominent old plants. The main problem of the green spaces according to the users, was less availability of sports areas and recreational spaces.


Ewaz Ali Hussaini
Dawlat Shah Poyesh (Primary Contact)
M. Eshaq Rasikh
Hussain Zarie
Hussaini, E. A. ., Poyesh, D. S. ., Rasikh, M. E. ., & Zarie, H. . (2021). Study on approaches of revitalization, optimization and usability of green spaces of Kabul province from the perspective of users. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 4(3), 152–162.

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