Conceptual Framework of Factors Affecting Online Teaching

Husna Sarirah Husin, Shahrinaz Ismail, Siti Haryani Shaikh Ali, Ummul Fahri Abdul Rauf


This study will add to the body of knowledge by creating a conceptual framework around fundamental concepts related to examining the factors that influence the efficiency of online teaching. The framework is based on an assessment of the online teaching literature found using Emerald, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Explore, ProQuest, and Google Scholar searches. A conceptual matrix is used to combine the findings into a framework of online instruction and effectiveness. A questionnaire was utilized and 81 respondents participated in the survey. We found that Google Meet is the most used platform for online teaching. In terms of stress level, teachers between the ages of 36 and 50 are the most stressed. As per time spent on online teaching, most teachers spent 3-5 hours a day and we also found that the more hours spent on online teaching, the more benefit the teachers and students will get. The study's findings can help the school and Malaysia's Ministry of Education understand the factors that affect how well teachers can conduct online teaching.


Husna Sarirah Husin (Primary Contact)
Shahrinaz Ismail
Siti Haryani Shaikh Ali
Ummul Fahri Abdul Rauf
Husin, H. S. ., Ismail, S. ., Ali, S. H. S., & Rauf, U. F. A. . (2022). Conceptual Framework of Factors Affecting Online Teaching. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 5(4), 354–362.

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